The agreement expands the number of authors covered by margin protection measures negotiated for the first time in 2017. WGGB agreements cover minimum costs and work practices and include repeat fees, credits, copyrights, payments, collaboration with authors and much more. If you work under this contract, you can receive quality health care; Earn money for a retirement plan Receive residual payments when your work is broadcast on television and distributed on DVD and other media; WGA membership and the benefits that most film and television writers have enjoyed for decades. The new agreement also provides for the abolition of the training of writers and new handovers of authors that under-rate screen and television minimums for newcomers, which have a disproportionate impact on under-represented groups; A new paid parental leave fund As well as increases in pension funds. In June, the Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the entertainment industry`s largest union with 160,000 members, announced a preliminary agreement with a total package of $318 million over three years. It included improved streaming and syndication residues, as well as new policies on sexual harassment, nudity and sex scenes. The agreement provides for higher payments for subscription video streaming services, known as SVOD, as well as reduced budget breaks in streaming and backtracking. In April, the Directors Guild of America approved a three-year contract to succeed the DGA master`s contract for feature film and prime-time television. The agreement provides for increases in the residue of high-budget streaming content, pensions, salaries and TV creative rights. Centrist returns that would have been very damaging if they had managed to get into the agreement, » the memo says. WGGB prices and agreements cover television, theatre, radio and parts of the film. In addition, you will find detailed advice on best practices in the policies and brochures we establish.

These are all available as PDFs in the Resources section or in the WGGB headquarters. We can also advise members by phone or email. Go to the Contacts section. In a July 1 memo to members of the Writers Guild, the organization`s Minimum Agreements Committee said it had unanimously approved a preliminary agreement with the AMPTP. The committee said the total package is estimated at more than $200 million over three years. The low-budget agreement is only used if requested by the Writer, and the company must also provide the necessary documents and concluding documents for the contract with a weak budget agreement. If the terms and conditions of the agreement are included in a personal agreement, but no additional documents are tabled for the low budget agreement and approved by WGAW, the author will NOT ensure that the low-budget agreement applies to the project. The new agreement emphasizes that authors receive their fair share of the pie in the global video streaming industry.