The court requires the applicant and his lawyer to sign a certificate stating that the appeal is not funded by third parties on the basis of a fee agreement that depends on the outcome of the litigation. This certificate must be attached to the document. It should be noted that any fee agreement that depends on the outcome of the dispute (for example. B, the no-win-no-fee agreement) is illegal, with the exception of agreements with the legal aid service under the supplementary legal aid scheme established by the Legal Assistance Regulation (Chapter 91). Let us take a few frequent examples of accidents: the main purpose of compensation is to put the plaintiff (the person asserting the right) in the situation he would have benefited from had the accident not occurred, to the extent that financial compensation can do so. The usual corrective measures include: In all cases, it is advisable to consult lawyers who have experience in handling accident claims and give them advice on the value of your rights. Your lawyers will also do all the legal proceedings as part of the assault proceedings for you. The complicity is negligence in which the applicant « contributes to the cause of the accident ». The co-liability is a point that the defendant must increase, not you, and the burden rests with the defendant to prove the existence of your complicity. Industrial accidents are common. It is the employer`s duty to make the workplace safe for its workers and to protect it from harmful workplace accidents. However, accidents can and can also occur in office environments.

Common examples are those of construction workers falling from a height or injuries caused by defective equipment in the workplace. There are more than 10,000 road accidents each year in Hong Kong. For an injured driver, passenger or pedestrian who is not responsible, the usual practice is that he or she would give testimony (pole 154) to the police, who give their information on the specifics of the accident. The scheme only applies to traffic accidents within the meaning of the Traffic Accident Victims Regulation, Chapter 229. In recent years, however, there appears to be a growing trend for the parties to the accident to achieve « private regulation », often in the absence of prior legal advice, under which they would either hear uninsited testimony about the accident, in which they explicitly state, in the broadest sense, that they have resolved the matter and that they have no intention of pursuing the case. , or make no statement at all. The ECO applies to all full-time or part-time workers employed in employment or apprenticeship contracts, including domestic helpers, agricultural workers, Hong Kong-registered vessel crew members and any person employed in any capacity on hong Kong-registered vessels or in Hong Kong waters. Employers are required to pay compensation for injuries suffered by their workers as a result of accidents in aetonic and during employment; occupational diseases specified in the ECO. An employer is required to properly take care of the safety of its workers. The motorcyclist then commenced proceedings against the driver of the car and, while admitting negligence, the driver argued that the 8500 HK compensated for personal injury and damage to the vehicle constituted a complete and definitive regulation of this type, thus preventing the motorcyclist from reviving the complaint against the driver.

The biker stated that the compensation received was only for damage to the vehicles and did not cover compensation for the personal injury he suffered. You can claim personal injury for personal injury resulting from legal action in Hong Kong if you have suffered injuries as a victim of an accident caused by the fault of someone other than you.