Vocus` purchase of Nextgen Networks increases the fibre optic footprint across Australia and expands its existing base area from 6,800 kilometres to 17,000 kilometres. Between major airlines such as Telstra, Optus, TPG and Vocus, together they provide more than 90% of broadband services to the Australian population. These terms and conditions apply to services provided by TPG Telecom Pte Ltd (UEN 201617990D) to consumers. TPG will designate fibre 400 as a MetroE type of access, which actually means that Metro Ethernet or Ethernet is provided in Metro areas. Installing TPG`s Fibre 400 connection depends on the availability of TPG`s ability to use you via its on-Net Fibre footprint. If, for some reason, you`re not on the metro TPG fiber footprint, they can also offer alternative services with the off-net service provider and connectivity methods, but you expect to pay more than TPG rated $399 USD per month. The beauty of the TPG Fibre 400 service is that it actually provides a fiber optic cable from the upstream TPG node directly to the customer. The customer`s fiber optic cable ends inside the company`s communications cabinet whose transmission to one of TPG`s network closure units or other entity is known as NTU. Ten years ago, many small businesses, large businesses and even government agencies dreamed of only 400 megabits of download and download connections per second. Now you get the fastest and probably most reliable internet connection in Australia with TPG 99.95% SLA (Service Level Agreement) availability.

Yes, if you compare TPG fiber optic services with standard Copper, ADSL, SHDSL or similar Services provided by Copper, you can be sure that TPG is a higher SLA level than any other deployment method with a high probability of complying with it. It`s not good, it`s fantastic! TPG fiber 400 is one of the fastest business grade Internet services currently available in Australia. Comparable to NBN, TPG Fibre 400 is significantly faster and even four times faster than any other NBN service provider. You can use a 400-Link Fibre as a dedicated Internet service, that is, it`s meant to browse the Internet, or you can connect up to 4 different types of services that share bandwidth and use the same hose. The Huawei HG8240H ONT comes with 4 gigabit-compatible customer handoff ports that you can connect to your network firewall router. TPG and Vocus offer everything you can eat, or as most people like to call it today, unlimited data on these connections, which means you can download as you please. Yes, all dreams. An example of sharing your bandwidth, you can spend 100 Mbps as an Internet connection, and you can assign 100 Mbps VPNs while you assign 200 Mbps for direct connection to Amazon Web Services. Yes, TPG has a fast competitor on the tail, in fact, this special competitor offers 500 Mbps instead of TPG offers 400 Mbps.