If the police service is successful in all of its applications, it would reduce the proposed increase to approximately 3.58%. The 6.58% increase in the budget does not include any subsidies that could offset the proposed increase. The police service requested approximately $500,000 in miscellaneous grants, including proceeds of crime, community safety, criminal resources and civil remedies. Yes. You will receive this benefit under the current collective agreement. Applications outside of Ontario: An experienced public servant who has completed a Canadian police training program comparable to the Ontario Police College program and approved by the Ontario Police College must pass an exceptional examination for the Ontario Police College. A candidate must have entered the selection process to write the exam and must obtain a successful grade to be considered into the South Simcoe Police Service. The exemption examination is based on national law, the use of force and the Road Traffic Act. Are there any exceptions to police training? If you are a Canadian police officer on duty and want to pursue your passion in a smaller, more personal and family-oriented service, then SSPS could be the organization for you. We serve in beautiful communities with rural farms, Lake Simcoe and the Holland River, where people still know you by name, we engage with their police department and support them. Innisfil and Bradford West Gwillimbury saw a 16 per cent increase in investigative services, an 18 per cent increase in breaks and entries and a 20 per cent increase in calls with nonsense and property damage. It`s also rare for South Simcoe police officers not to receive a weekly call with guns or weapons.

Yes. The collective agreement provides, for this period, for the full and/or partial maintenance of the salary. Police did everything in their power to contain the costs, Fletcher said. « The challenge will be for the pot of money to be shared among every police department in the province, » Fletcher said. You benefit from annual leave on the basis of the collective agreement. We have attached « Frequently Asked Questions » to get more information about the position. The South Simcoe Police is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that it represents the diversity of the community it serves. South Simcoe Police are committed to treating all people fairly in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Accommodation is provided in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and position requirements. Please ask your questions to recruitment@southsimcoepolice.ca….