Because after all this hatred, tears and screams, your shredder business is just shrugging and saluting your contract signed in your FACE! If you read this whole article, you may have been exploited by your paper shredder service. We would be happy to look through a bill with you to see if you get the best boom for your goat! Make a shout out to one of our top information security advisors by filling out our free shredding quote form. We`ll show you where you can save – but more importantly, we`re looking for ways to make your business safer! As the trusted choice for paper grinding and document destruction for large and small government agencies, universities and universities, police forces and the military, Shred-it can take your data protection to the next step to keep information private from the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the way the grinding industry is and the way some costs are structured within the industry is the norm for most grinding companies in tying people to a one-year contract that is automatically shaken up if you miss your cancellation window. Get the unique benefits of a regular paper grinding service but if you don`t start out like your grinding business and in the middle of your contract, hidden fees or poor service or the fact that you can`t talk to someone in your grinding business without being put on hold for 3 years – not to mention the same person you last spoke to, then LISTEN UP. 1.1. In these terms and conditions of sale, the following terms have the following meanings, unless they do not correspond to the context: « working day » per day (except on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) when London banks are open to transactions; « SS » Shred Station Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, whose business number is 06359628; « containers, » containers, including, but not limited, containers, bags and boxes that SS lent to the customer for services; « contract, » the contract between SS and the customer for the provision of services in accordance with these terms and conditions and the information provided in the order; « customer »: the person (s) or the company that provides the services to SS under the contract; « after-sales service agreement, » the SS after-sales service agreement containing certain information about services ordered by the customer; « data protection legislation » (i) unless: the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (RGPD) is no longer directly applicable to the UK, in the RGPD and in national enforcement laws, regulations and derivative laws in the amended or updated version in the United Kingdom, and (ii) in all laws that would succeed the RGPD or the Data Protection Act 1998; « force majeure »: an event that is not properly controlled by the SS, including protest, the act of God, the epidemic, the pandemic, the terrorist attack, riots, riots, riots, threat or preparation for war, war, compliance with government laws or regulations, rules, regulations or directions, accidents, fires, floods or adverse weather conditions; « Dangerous substances » have the meaning indicated in paragraph 3.4 above; « Materials » that must be destroyed by SS under the contract in accordance with the order and, unless otherwise agreed between the SS and the customer, are limited to paper; « Personal data » has the meaning specified in data protection legislation; « violation of personal data, » any security breach that leads to accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data that the customer receives while performing services; « ordering » the customer`s order for service delivery, as defined in the after-sales service agreement; « Services » loan of the container to the customer, collection of materials at the point of service, destruction of materials of the customer`s premises by SS by any means he chooses at his secret