If the tenant extends the tenancy period after the agreement of the company in accordance with Article 12, Section 1, he pays a sum less than the amount (« renewal fee ») of the company at the time of the return of the rent-A-car. More work than expected? Nissan offers rental insurance prices to keep you. If the vehicle is used for private purposes, 50% of the VAT can be recovered from the rent financing. (1) Rental from the rental period to the return date of the rental car and the equipment or rental of the duration of the rental – corresponding surelage fees, depending on what is smaller after deducting the rent already paid. From now on, Nissan rental vehicles must be returned to the car dealership where they were leased. 1.The landlord (« company ») rents a car (« Rent-A-Car ») to tenants under the terms of this lease agreement (« lease agreement ») and the tenant agrees to rent the rental fund-A. In accordance with Article 5, Chapter 8, the taker informs and holds the driver of the part of this driving agreement, as soon as the lessor has appointed another driver, of the part of that driving agreement. Property that is not fixed by the lease follows general laws or practices. (4) The action (described in section 17) has been recorded in the past for rents. When you get out of a parking lot with your Nissan rental vehicle, Rear Cross Traffic Alert observes the area around the rear of the vehicle and can warn you of the detected approach to vehicles you might not see. [[93]] 6.The amount of the line in Sections 1 and 2 is on the tenant`s account. However, if the lessor is covered by the system of the guarantee for the waiver of the amount of the amount, the company bears the corrugated amount, with the exception of accidents for which no accident report is transmitted to the police and the company, insurance products or compensation are not paid, the accidents fall under category 1 or 4 of Article 9 , paragraph 1, or any point in Article 17 after the rent and accident occurs after the expiry of the tenancy period (the period changed if the term of tenancy has been changed with the agreement of the company in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1). As a trusted car rental source, we have affordable prices for drivers who are interested in short or long term rentals! Make sure you get the ride you want, at a price that satisfies you.

2. Fixed monthly rent for the duration of your contract. Article 21 (Extending tax for the extension of the term of the tenancy) In the event of a dispute over the right and the undertaking on the basis of the tenancy agreement, the court responsible for the first procedure is a local court or summary court which is located at the company`s headquarters, instead of the tenant or at such a court to cover the address of the tenant or driver.