ODOO authorizes PARTNER to use the « Odoo » brand to promote its products and services only for the duration of this Agreement, as long as you: These Terms of Sale (Terms of Partnership) govern the recommendation service and the allocation of Go1 learning resources by you. As soon as you sign the appropriate Go1 registration form, a paper agreement or your online partner`s terms on the site, these 1s with each registration form, partner coverage contract or other written agreement constitute a formal agreement between you and Go1 (partnership agreement). Discover the benefits of the program you have as a learning partner. Welcome to the HPE Learning Program page. The Prcl Learning Partner Guide contains the different rules and requirements of the program to become an HPE learning and certification partner. The guide describes the specific elements and requirements of the program that are outlined in the learning solution partnership agreement for your HPE certification and learning program. « Partnership for Education Program » refers to our partner program, as described in this agreement. If you are accepted as an educational partner and wish to issue a press release in which you announce your partner status, you can do so with our prior written consent. To obtain this written consent, you must send a copy of your draft press release to educationpartners@hubspot.com. ODOO grants PARTNER, on a non-exclusive basis, the right to use and reproduce the ODOO partnership logo of the appropriate level of partnership and the name « Odoo » for this partnership agreement. The user is a user of Go1 courses, the online marketplace or the learning management system. Acceptance of a recommendation as a user of Go1 services is at Go1`s sole discretion.

(d) This partnership agreement, including context, defines the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and negotiations on the subject. The Odoo Partnership Program consists of two types of partnerships and four levels; Learning Partners is for companies that want to do everything possible to start implementing Odoo, without visibility as an official partner until they get the necessary experience; « Official Partners » is for companies that want visibility as ready, silver and gold, after their experience with Odoo. From time to time, Go1 may update this partnership agreement to clarify its practices or reflect new practices or other practices, z.B. if Go1 adds new features, and Go1 reserves the right to amend and/or amend the partnership agreement at any time. If Go1 makes a significant change, Go1 will notify you by significant means, z.B. by email to the email address listed in your account or by a notification on the Go1 website.