Records Management/Secure Shredding: PH: 1-800-934-3453 Email: Other General Order/Request: e-mail: E-Mail: Complete this EZ button form to sign up for this contract, as well as any other E-I contracts you wish to use. . Please note that an order is considered a contract with the following terms and conditions. 30 net days. Fees such as travel and printing, if necessary and approved, are charged at a reflection fee. Please complete the short information request form or contact your Relations Representative member or Joe Castelluccio Business Development Manager, General Products and Services. For suppliers who incur travel expenses that Iron Mountain has contractually agreed to, you can check our standard travel and maintenance (T-E) rules. A global leader in information management services, Iron Mountain provides information storage, protection and management services to more than 230,000 organizations in 46 countries. In the following circumstances, Contracts are required regardless of the value of the dollar: for all categories of contracts listed below, a signed contract and/or order must be available regardless of the value of the dollar of the purchase or commitment: Note: Please indicate a signed contract and/or an order at the time of order, regardless of the value of the dollar of the purchase or commitment: Note: Please indicate an E-I member at the time of the order. The information contained in this appendix is confidential and is the property of E-I and its members and cannot be disclosed to third parties.

Contact the Iron Mountain Customer Care team as follows: Joe Castelluccio Business Development Manager, General Products – Services Iron Mountain services keep assets and information secure, while protecting what your institution values most. Their Local National Education Team (SLED) focuses on the unique needs of higher education and K-12. The team takes an end-to-end, holistic approach that provides state-of-the-art data management services tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions. This contract is the result of a tender based on E-I RFP #683473. Iron Mountain helps educational institutions manage the information lifecycle. More information. As a prerequisite for becoming an Iron Mountain licensed distributor, the supplier must accept the following requirements: insurance requirements, background investigation requirements, government flow conditions and IT security requirements. These are mentioned in the Iron Mountain`s Professional Services Agreement (PSA), of which the preferred contract document is. As a general rule, any commercial agreement between Iron Mountain and a supplier of goods and/or services with a total expected contractual value of more than $50,000 or their counter-value in national currency should be documented and signed by a duly accredited Iron Mountain representative and its suppliers and retained with Iron Mountain Procurement Global. Iron Mountain assures the client that (1) services are provided in accordance with professional industry standards and sustainability in accordance with this Agreement and (2) the person responsible for implementing the Services has the appropriate skills, training and context to perform these services competently.