The first step in building business continuity and any possible expansion should be to check that each existing Horizon 7 environment is error-free, that it has been properly supplied and that it is sufficiently sized to handle the number of users to support. This is particularly important before enlargement to ensure that new capabilities or capabilities are built on a solid foundation. If environments have been rapidly removed or expanded to deal with a sudden increase in demand for remote work, these should be audited and, if necessary, modified to ensure that they follow recommendations for size data, safety and other best practices. With Instant Clone and Linked Clone Pools, you should set up and publish the image for pools designed only for use in a business continuity event. This can be done by providing small pools of minimal size, which can be increased if necessary. This allows the pool to be tested and the image publishing process not to be carried out during the initiation of business continuity. As a current member of Sharp Health Plan, you can also benefit from continuity of care if your VMware Horizon offers many benefits to the IT administrator. For example, horizon can be quickly made available to meet first remote work needs. You can also implement it as a highly available desktop and application service to meet your business continuity requirements. Schedules and challenges have changed and the assumption that users can access an office is no longer valid.

The focus is now on how to ensure user continuity and business continuity for IT systems. When planning user access, a remote approach must now be taken first. In setting up a business and a user continuation plan, one of the key elements is to continue to provide access to IT systems and business resources to ensure that users remain productive, wherever they are. This must be done with adequate security and control over users` access to applications, data and business resources. How can organizations plan, maintain and assist users who are no longer necessarily in the office? While this requirement is first fueled by recent events when users cannot access an office, you need to consider these immediate requirements.