You should not change your choice of health services during the year unless you attend an authorization event. You must request changes or registrations within 60 calendar days after the authorization date. If you have any questions about authorizing events, please contact your department`s staff office. The California Public Employees` Retirement System (CalPERS) manages public servants` health insurance coverage. Staff can choose from a wide range of health insurance plans. The state pays part of the premium. Workers are entitled to health care if they have an appointment of more than six months (at least six months plus one day) and a time base of at least one part-time. Authorized persons have 60 calendar days from the date or authorization to register for an integrity plan or during an open winding period. If you have any questions about your authorization, please contact your department`s staff office. Our goal is to improve access to medical care, including medical homes, health insurance and community recommendations. We offer important clinical services, such as adult and child immunization, sexual health and laboratory services, as well as home visiting services for pregnant families and parents.

Use the performance calculator to compare premiums for different health plans and view contribution rates based on your trading unit. In addition, you`ll see how much of your check will be deducted or added based on the health plans, teeth and visual plans you choose. Dependent Verification (VRR) is the three-year process of verifying the eligibility of spouses, home partners, children, stepchildren and partner parents (family members) enrolled in the state`s health and dental care. We offer dental services for low-income children and adults at discounted rates; evaluations of the issuance of eWIC cards to women, infants and children, pregnant, lactating or not; and to inform about healthy foods that can be purchased with eWIC cards. This manual also contains a simple reference to forms and tables that can be useful to food distributors and the public health community when it comes to training staff and taking into account employee health and hygiene issues. The information in this manual has been updated to reflect the most recent version of the FDA Food Code 2017 and contains the following new entrants: See CalPERS for more information on health plans and bonuses. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed this personal health and hygiene manual to promote practices and behaviours that can help prevent food staff from preventing the transmission of viruses and bacteria to food. It provides information in a question-and-answer format that food company management and food company staff can use to prevent the spread of disease. Their resource for local health information such as epidemics, key statistics, seasonal influenza, behavioural and juvenile risk monitoring, emergency planning and response, communicable diseases and health improvement plans.