27.21 The commercialization of a qualifying invention does not affect the right of the member or members to use the invention for other research, publication or teaching purposes. This right may be suspended only for the duration of the procedure necessary for the protection of intellectual property. The duration of such a process may not exceed ninety (90) days, unless all parties involved have agreed to otherwise in which a confidentiality agreement is in effect. This provision also applies in the case of an independent invention in which marketing is directed by the employer. 27.13 The employer has no interest or right to an independent invention. These inventions and all patents resulting from them are the exclusive property of the inventor. However, a member and the employer may enter into an agreement for the commercialization of an independent invention. The employer and the member then conclude an agreement as defined in Appendix 10A to define the conditions for a possible future commercialization of the invention. The distribution of net proceeds shall be consistent with the apportionment provided for in Article 27.18(a) and Article 27.18(c), respectively. A copy of Appendix 10A is transmitted to the association at the time of signature, but information infringing the protection of intellectual property is omitted.

2.22 « complaint » means any disagreement between the employer and the association or between the employer and a member or group of members who respect the interpretation, application or alleged violation of the collective agreement. 27.07 If the Mediator declares that a settlement is possible, he or she must prepare a report to PACO, which shall establish an agreement for the parties in accordance with the terms of the resolution and within twenty (twenty) days of the filing of the Mediator`s report with PACO.