Science is a per-turn income that determines how fast you advance through the tree of technology which is the key to unlocking many of the most important functions of your civilization. Your army, resource income, cultural production, tourism, amenities, housing and much more are all influenced by technology, wonders, buildings and more, unlocked by the accumulation of science. Eureka moments are the Tech Tree-specific boosts that do just that – increase your progression towards relative technology – when triggered. We advise you to spend some time going through them in the game, as learning the art of timing Eureka moments with your new technological research will be a decisive ability, especially for higher difficulty levels and online games. Once you have public schools, you know that you literally need all the technologies of antiquity, classic, and middle ages to access Plastics for Research Labs, with only 2 renaissance exceptions (navigation and chemistry). Chemistry is a prerequisite for fertilizers, which increase production and food from mines/farms or are important technicians. In this sense, go ahead and explore things in the order in which you will need them once you reach this point, because all these discoveries are prerequisites for this superior technology, and literally everything must be studied by the information age to access all the spatial pieces necessary for scientific victory. The list is in the order where most players explore the technology to unlock each building. W. Wonder is a wonder of the world and only 1 can exist in the game. N. Wonder is a national miracle and only 1 can exist per civ. You can`t buy them, but maybe you want to rush the wonders of the world with great engineers – it`s usually not worth using them to rush national miracles.

If you want to see a list of all the wonders of Civ 5 that produce great scientist points, visit the Great Scientist Page. Use this research to have a great armyWhile you should be technologically advanced, update units with gold and make sure they meet your new standards. Just add strength and you have a few ranged combat units. Although pikemen are not particularly great, they have a good fighting force that increases your military score. Look at the demographics screen and don`t be the last, but the 3-5th in a 10-player game. AI has « discrepancies » with tiny civs, even though they`ve never really fought in the past. They like to devour you when you`re small and weak. .