Notes on the 2018 edition of the cedR model documents The documents include standard procedures for several ADR processes and contract clauses to insert an ADR procedure for dispute resolution. Use the accordions below to download the file you need. The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) specialises in mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We are an independent non-profit organization and a registered charity. Sign up for our regular email newsletters and keep up to date with the latest developments in mediation and ADR practice, Thought leadership, and CEDR events and trainings. As part of our non-profit mission, CEDR offers standard clauses for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) contracts in more than 20 languages that can be downloaded free of charge to reflect best practices and evolving mediation requirements. When updating the 2018 rules, the CEDR used its knowledge of the 7,000 disputes it handles each year for all ADR processes, and in particular for the 400 major case mediations, for which the average level of rights is well over £1 million. As a result, the CEDR`s model documents and ADR contractual clauses are the most influential and widely used ADR clauses in this field, with a total of 20,000 downloads per year from the CEDR website. This year, the CEDR`s model documents were amended following the annual review of mediation cases, in order to address three main issues identified: ◾ With respect to the roles and responsibilities of mediation participants. For reasons of clarity, the model mediation agreement is adapted to expressly satisfy those who are not involved in full mediation with regard to the authority and status of the agreement. The new wording means that the signatory of the standard mediation agreement can require all its parties to respect confidentiality. The role and behaviour of an observer with a mediator in mediation, if not contested by the parties, is also clarified and explained. .

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