Agreement 123 sets the conditions for bilateral civil nuclear cooperation and requires separate authorizations from the U.S. Congress and cabinet ministers. The agreement will also help India meet its goal of increasing nuclear capacity by 25,000 MW by 2020 through imports of nuclear reactors and fuels. [27] Prior to this agreement, Iran`s eruption period — or the time it would have taken Iran to collect enough fissile material to make a weapon — was only two to three months. Today, because of the Iran agreement, it would take 12 months or more. And with the unprecedented surveillance and access that this agreement is putting in place, we will know and the sanctions will come into force. In addition to the final declaration, both the United States and Iran have published more detailed descriptions of their agreement. Officials on both sides acknowledge that they have different stories about this project. [9] The U.S. government has released a fact sheet summarizing the main points of the agreement. [11] Shortly after its publication, Iranian leaders, including Iran`s supreme leader and Iran`s defence minister, challenged the document on important issues that have not yet been resolved.

[12] [13] [14] Below is a summary of the chronology, key elements and current status of the multi-year agreement. In the late 1980s, Iran re-established its nuclear program with the support of Pakistan (which concluded a bilateral agreement with Iran in 1992), China (which did the same in 1990) and Russia (which did the same in 1992 and 1995) and the A.Q. Khan network. [26] Iran « has begun to pursue an indigenous nuclear fuel cycle capability by developing a uranium mine infrastructure and experimenting with the conversion and enrichment of uranium. » [26] Several other groups have also conducted campaigns to promote for or against the agreement. John R. Bolton Foundation for American Security and Freedom filed a lawsuit against her, as did Veterans Against the Deal, a group that did not disclose its donors. [223] Various pro-agreement ads were aired by (who made an ad titled « Let Diplomacy Work ») and Global Zero (which warned « You`re Back – Iraq`s War Hawks Are Fighting the Iran Deal, Want More War » on the photos of Bolton, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) and Global Zero (who made a humorous announcement with actors Jack Black Morgan Freeman and Natasha Lyonne). [223] On July 28, Kerry, Moniz and Lew were scored before the House foreign affairs committee. [269] The chairman of the committee, Ed Royce, a California Republican, said in his opening address: « We are urged to consider an agreement that would grant Iran permanent sanctions for temporary nuclear restrictions. » [269] [270] « Royce also said that the inspection regime of « anywhere, at any time » was « short » access to Iranian nuclear facilities and criticized the lifting of restrictions on Iran`s missile program and conventional weapons. [271] The committee`s highest member, New York Democrat Eliot Engel, said he had « serious questions and concerns » about the agreement. [271] [272] Kerry, Lew and Moniz were reckless for four hours before the committee.

[273] [274] At the hearing, Kerry stated that if Congress circumvented the agreement, « not only will you give Iran a pass to double the pace of its uranium enrichment, build a heavy water reactor, install new, more efficient centrifuges, but they will do anything without the unprecedented inspection and transparency measures we have implemented.