Since this is a large amount, it is recommended to withdraw the amounts recovered from the refund, which results in a payment. 2.6.1. Part-time persons shall be entitled to this allowance on a pro rata basis on the basis of the hours worked in the eligible group. Carrie E. Roussin, Managing Director Compensation Sector Accounting, Banking and Compensation 2.3. With effect from 1 October 2011, 50% of the cancellable remuneration has been replaced by an increase in the basic salary and the remaining 50% will continue to be paid as an allowance. For employees who continued to receive the full allowance (instead of the 50% reduced compensation), compensation advisors must recover the overpayings. If these amounts are not recovered, the worker receives 100% of the allowance as well as the increased salary. 3.4.2. Compensation advisors are responsible for processing all retroactivities by concluding « Entitlement Amend » ENA 210 – Pay Action Code (PAC) 18A for data prior to the date of signature and a « review » (REV – Pay Action Code (PAC) 09) from the date of signature. .

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