Perhaps the most beautiful friendships are those where there is a lot of convergence, a lot of contentation and even more personal sympathy. George Eliot quotes Victor and has never won in a substantial deal. An agreement between two men to do what they both agree is wrong. Lord Edward Cecil, there is nothing more abominable for me than to find myself in agreement with my fellow men. Malcolm Muggeridge Make fair deals and stick to them. « Confucius If I agreed to write the music for your beautiful poem, he would read your poem for a few years, because I have agreements and obligations that I have to respect. In recent months, weeks and days, discussions on a comprehensive agreement covering all outstanding issues and the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement have accelerated and, for the first time, the DUP has participated. By perfecting this legislative mechanism and participating in the various international agreements, we want to contribute to the healthy development of world trade. If people are divided, the only solution is an agreement. What we call reality is an agreement that people have come to make life more livable.~ Louise Nevelson Our will constantly makes a kind of agreement with the world, and if the world constantly respects the will, the will to be exhausting in its industry. There is nothing that leads to differences of opinion between people or countries rather than to an agreement. ~ Elwyn Brooks White If both sides don`t win, no deal can be sustainable.

It is my destiny and perhaps my temperament to sign agreements with fools. Too much agreement kills the cat. ~ Eldridge Cleaver In the steel industry, companies have generally accepted collective bargaining and negotiated collective agreements with the Industrial Organization Committee. We want a common language in art. It is not a simple verbal or formal agreement or a dead level of uniformity, but this global and harmonized unity, with individual diversity, which can be developed freely politically and socially among men. One does not like heat, the other does not like cold; it is lukewarm to make a deal. ~ Malagasy proverbs People hold agreements when it is in the interest of not breaking them. ~ Solon I hate to say it, but I think it has become very obvious that our system of drafting trade agreements, so important for the functioning of this country around the world, is not only broken, but it is completely broken. Each of the public safety services deals with the public in one way or another. There is at least one point on which men and women agree; Both are suspicious of women. H.

L. Mencken One can always know when a man is well informed. His opinions are pretty much yours. Louie Morris` couples are everything and not everything, which does not agree, the concordant is contradictory. Of all things one and of all things. It is by general misunderstanding that everyone agrees. Because if people got along out of bad luck, they would never agree. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 9 in 10 doctors agree that 1 in 10 doctors is an idiot. Reading is at the beginning of the social contract — Alberto Manguel. If it`s a good idea, go against it and do it. It`s much easier to apologize than to get permission….